This post is mostly a test of the website, but I thought I would also list some of the people I've been listening to recently:

  • Bret Victor- Just about everything this guy does is interesting. Look for "Stop Drawing Dead Fish", "The Humane Representation of Thought", "Media for Thinking the Unthinkable", and "Seeing Spaces"
  • Jonathan Blow- The maker of Braid and The Witness, Jonathan Blow talks about a more mature form of video game design. He talks about meaningful work, respecting your players, and creating interesting games. Examples are "How to Design Deep Games", "Video Games and the Human Condition", "A Programming Language for Games"
  • Darren Gray- I've also very much enjoyed Roguelike Radio, especially Darren Gray's very considered view of the rougelike genre.
  • Edward Kmett- Kmett is always working on something interesting, and it always has to do with Haskell. Some articles are at "", while some libraries he has:
    • lens- implementing the concept of lens in a nice, practical way. Lots of fun math behind this.
    • discrimination- perform sorting and other tasks in linear time.
    • ad- automatic differentiation. This can be used to write functions and getting their derivatives automatically. He has talks about succinct data structures, lens, discrimination, and functional cache oblivious algorithms.
    • propagators- This seems to be his recent interest.
    • succient data structures- informally these are data structures that are partially compressed and allow certain operations to be performed on them without decompressing them first.