Like many programmers, I have used several languages for fun, for work, and for learning. I wouldn't say that I know these languages, only that I have written at least a tiny thing with them.

I thought it would be fun to list them out, in some sort of order relating to how much I've used them, for the record. I will try to remember them all, but will likely miss a couple obscure ones.

I tried to include some examples of how I've used them as well.

  • C for embedded stuff, flight software, user interfaces, and simulators
  • C++ for embedded stuff
  • Haskell for personal projects
  • R for data processing at work
  • Python for personal projects and some for GUIs at work
  • Ruby for use with COSMOS and once at an internship
  • Rust for personal projects
  • MatLab for work, creating a scripting interface to a camera
  • Simulink for work, wrapping up a controls algorithm in a real-time system
  • Lua for games, and once for a tool at work
  • C# for a game in Unity
  • Forth for fun with my Ti83 and Arduino
  • Z80 Assembly for writing a Forth for my TI83
  • Game Maker Language for making a game
  • Bash for odd tasks, as one does
  • Perl for extracting comments from a codebase and creating a website to view them
  • JavaScript for learning about web stuff many years ago
  • Coq for a small project at school
  • PHP for a project at school
  • AWK for some simple text process stuff
  • Visual Basic for learning in a class in high school
  • Lisp for learning functional stuff, before I started learning Haskell
  • Scheme for learning functional stuff, before I started learning Haskell
  • Prolog for school projects

Thats all I can think of!