I have been wanting to create some kind of simple computer art for a long time. Recently a coworker mentioned Processing to me, and I thought I would try it out.

The program I ended up writing was an exploration of calculating shapes implicitly by a function which takes a point and gives a vector to the surface of the shape. I wanted to do something with this concept as I've found it to be interesting for a long time.

There is a github release of the project with a Windows executable that you can download if you want to run the thing yourself.

The controls are simple- left clicking cycles through shapes, and right clicking changes the mode. The modes are:

  1. particles move to random locations on the surface, 2) particles move to predetermined places on the surface, creating a very different effect, and 3) the same as 2 but cycling through shapes on a timer.

Thats all- its just a little thing to see how I liked Processing. I do like it, even though it is weird programming in Java again. I found that just getting things on the screen was very easy, which is my main concern for projects like this.

Thanks for reading!