I wanted to mention an awesome tool call just written in Rust. I've started using it in my everyday toolchain, and its been very pleasant and useful, so I wanted to mention it here.

The tool is very simple- you make a file called justfile or Justfile and add rules that, when run, perform some action you want to take. This replaces the series of shell scripts, or the makefile, that might develop with a project which runs common commands like building, testing, or performing a frequent action.

At first I was somewhat skeptical- I was already using make for this kind of thing, and it was working well enough without adding a new tool in the mix. However, when I gave 'just' a try, it made keeping these commands around much simpler and easier. The tool does only one thing, unlike make, and it is specialized for its use case.

Its very easy to add a command, to list commands, and to run them. There are a couple extra features like command arguments, but nothing like the huge documents describing how to use make.

I expect to continue to use this tool as a simpler way to manage my project-specific commands, and if you have any interest in simplifying your workflow, give it a try.