The source lines of code tool cloc now supports the Zig language.

I was writing a little Zig program and wanted to get a line count, and looking around there are indeed some SLOC (source lines of code) tools that support it. However, I usually use cloc since we have standardized on this tool at work, so I figured I would see what was necessary to add a language.

It turns out to be very simple- I added Zig myself as a test and only had to add a few lines here and there to note comments and things- but then I made a github issue asking if Zig could be added. It turns out that there is a standard practice for asking for new languages which is very easy. The maintainer responded quickly and in a day or so Zig was added to the master branch.

This was a very quick an simple thing, but I'm a little proud for making it happen. I also learned to check a little deeper before making an issue in case there is documentation on how to submit a particular request.